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Our award-winning team of creatives works around the clock, influenced by the art and quality of our portfolio, and that of our counterparts

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We are ready and equipped to take the challenge out of your hands, and in return deliver a complete successful project.


With over a decade in the industry, we have learned the tough lessons & mastered the art of the production process

Atinga UK Productions

Producing compelling visual stories that connect with people.

We work with you from pre-production, production, post-production to distribution. We understand your needs and have an experienced crew with the right tools to complete every project successfully.


We combine storytelling with technical expertise to create a video which connects with your audience and authentically reflects your brand.  Bringing deep experience across all phases of the video production process.

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ATINGAWe love our work

With an effortless approach; and ease of communication, our goal is to produce the project that produces results every time.

Across the Uk and Nigeria, we have worked with top brands and businesses in producing captivating Tv commercial...

We provide quality service in the production of all kinds of documentary genres varying from a performative...

Every excellent video production had top-notch editing. Since we're concerned about creating...

Our production team is made up of professional camera operators, cinematographers, film directors...

We have worked with over 100 A-list music artistes in the Uk and Nigeria. Right from pre-production to post-production...

We believe memories are golden and they are to be cherished till eternity. We help reproduce these moments...

We develop, produce and deliver successful podcasts across all genres – from branded content, documentaries and TV sister...

We provide rental service for equipment ranging from cameras, tripods, jib crane, reflector kit, DSLR shoulder...

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Give your brand the video content it deserves

Producing engaging video content for the most ambitious brands and businesses.

Creative. Ambitious. Fresh.

We are a full service, creative video production agency, injecting heap loads of personality and creativity into every single video.

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We have gotten "The Wow wand". We always go the extra mile in ensuring our customers' expectations are met and surpassed.


Regardless of the size of your budget, we have got you covered. We are flexible with our pricing structure because we understand the importance of being able to provide quality services to our clients

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